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A room to live in

I believe one of the most essential rooms in a home is the living room. Most rooms in our homes serve one particular purpose. In contrast, the living room allows for the most genuine living. The living room encourages relaxation, comfort, connection, entertainment, and abundant life.

Whether your living room is grand and luxurious, comforting and straightforward, or somewhere in between, it holds the space for you to connect with the people in your life, offer a soothing retreat, or a venue for entertainment and laughter. A living room can hold all of our emotions within its decorative walls, couches, and armchairs.

886 Chiquita Road has several living rooms. A formal living room that offers opulence alongside a couch that completely envelopes you in so much comfort you couldn't leave it if you tried.

Chaquita even has an indoor-outdoor living room (which is one of my favorites spaces on the entire property). Listen to the birds' chirp in the morning with your coffee, watching the sun come up over the vineyard, turn on the fireplace, and cozy up with a few friends in the plush loveseat, and whisper your dreams and secrets. I can see many lively conversations spilling over into the evening hours with games of charades being played in this space.

My listing on Puccioni Road has a living room that encompasses all one expects to experience in a living space in one decadent area.

Puccioni's living room is an open space that shares access to the kitchen and dining areas that encourages you to participate in all activities and conversations held within the home's most lived-in rooms. Entertaining family and friends, eating a cozy meal in front of the fireplace, binge-watching Netflix, laying down on the couch, and reading a book watching the world go by outside. Life happens in this room; it is an incredibly diverse and comforting space that offers itself as the heart of the home.

Living our lives to the fullest doesn't always mean being on the go, moving from one activity to another. To me, it means stopping and taking a breath and absorbing the moment you are in, experiencing it, tucking it away into your mental memory book for later.

Living a full life, one of great happiness, joy, laughter, sorrow, grief, passion, and friendship, is experienced in living rooms across the globe. We must appreciate a space that allows for such robust subsistence. A room for living is the best sort of room to enjoy one's time.




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