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Properly Informed and Prepared

As we continue to face environmental challenges, the best way to feel prepared is to be ready. Get prepared—no time like the present.

Earthquakes (earthquakes can happen anytime in California)

Flooding (flooding can occur spring through fall in California)

1. Start by making your personal disaster kit. This kit can be used in any major disaster. Refresh your bag every season and have it ready-to-go with you should a disaster occur.

There are small, more generic kits available like this one from Or you can make your own to include personal items like these:

Bottled water

Extra batteries

Duct tape


Playing cards



2. Get all your essential documents collected and ready to go in a fire-safe file box or container.

3. Pack enough clothing and toiletries for a week or up to two weeks.

4. Gather all your medications, for a week or up to two weeks.

5. Pack a few non-perishable food items such as ramen, peanut butter, rice cakes, fruit roll-ups and protein bars.

6. Pack your animals' foods and medications for two weeks.

7. If you own farm animals, make an evacuation plan for them as well.

8. Designate a place to meet loved ones if separated during an emergency or power outage.

Remember, we are not alone. The world faces many issues every day.

Be kind. Be patient. Be respectful. Care for your neighbors and your community. This, too, shall pass.



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