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Under all is Land

Under all is land - I've based my real estate career on this premise from day one. Similar to the idea of farm-to-table, the land to our home equally resonates as a timely and important lifestyle choice. I purchased the ground underneath my home, it too is my home, my sanctuary, and it's mine to care for, maintain, and enjoy.

In any real estate conversation, I start with the land. I want my clients to find the best underlying piece of land possible based on the knowledge that the land is equally essential to any physical structure. We begin with a solid base and work our way up, similar to growing our food and delivering the harvest straight to our family's table. The intimate connection between earth and hearth is a powerful one.

In real estate transactions I consider, location, topography, utility, access, and development. From raw land to residential lots, what makes the land compelling to you. Let's find the best piece of land for whatever it is you want on top of the land.

I'm an avid gardener. Everything on my "piece of land" I know intimately. Watching the birds, butterflies, and bees that visit my sustainable garden brings me so much joy. I nurture and maintain the health of the soil that the plants root themselves in. In return, I reap the benefits of their beauty.

This precious land is scarce, and we must nurture and preserve it. It can bring us so much joy, comfort, harmony, and prosperity. Under all is land, the foundation for our home, a place we will fill with memories, love, laughter, and family - it is our job to protect, nurture and respect it.




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