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Thankful Bounty

This is a time for harvest, for thankful reflections and the warmth brought on by surrounding yourself with those who care about you the most. The holiday season is upon us, and although this time of year can bring on many extra line items on your to do lists, it also brings that extra love that will last you through to spring.

In California, we are even more connected to the land and the land is connected to those of us who call this home. Our homes and our local economy has been, and still is, very much an agrarian one. Through apples, olives, and of course wine, our lives revolve around what comes from the ground with the help of the sun and soil. We understand the idea that caring for the ground around us, in turn cares for our community.

Our vineyards are the heart of this place. They connect us to the land and to all in our area. Whether you are directly associated with the wine industry, here in Sonoma County, or if you and your loved ones reap the benefits of having this world-renowned crop outside your front door, the connection is the same. Thus, the thankfulness for the bounty of this land, is universal. The sow and reap culture is pervasive throughout Northern California, and we can taste the sweetness of the valleys harvests in the air, especially in this time of year.

The farm to table movement brings us even closer to the industries and people that make this community so delicious. Even at our own homes, family gardens and fresh food is an important aspect of our convictions put into practice. We like to get our hands dirty when the bounty has the potential to nourish our souls and our bodies.

This time of year, the harvest time, is a time for that cyclical pattern of life to begin. This is a time of preparation for the winter ahead and anticipation for the rebirth of spring. The year is coming to an end, and the year can be washed clean once again. So gather your loved ones near to enjoy the spoils of the past and plan for the bounty to come.



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