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Tropical Plants for a Northern California Paradise

With a little knowledge and planning, you can create an atmosphere or environment you desire in your Northern California Paradise. If you are looking for the tropics in your own backyard, look no further. There are ways in which you can incorporate your favorite tropical place into every element of your home. The grounds around your home are the perfect place to add little touches that truly make it feel like you're living on a permanent vacation.

Since Northern California has a Mediterranean climate, we tend to have mild summers and fairly mild winters. Yet, the main difference between our climate and that of the tropics is the relative humidity is lower on the west coast of the United States, and the winter tends to get a little cooler than in those balmy locales to the South. This does not pose a large problem if you are trying to plant tropical foliage on your property, it just may take a little more forethought to make your Northern California Tropical Paradise a reality.

Looking for plants that are winter-tolerant, yet thrive in tropical locations, and appear to have that quintessential tropical look, will be the most important key to having your own tropical microcosm. Plants such as the Japanese Fiber Banana or Hardy Banana is one plant that comes to mind when you think of a tropical environment. With its broad leaves, fast growth, and deep green hue this herb is perfect for your tropical look. Most ferns would be a good choice in certain locations within your yard as well. Ferns tend to thrive in the shaded understory environments. They tend to grow fast and are relatively inexpensive to buy in large quantities. Incorporating some of these plans into interior spaces can provide a safe, controlled place for your tropical plants to thrive, and to bring that warm look indoors.

If you enjoy the intricacies and vibrancies of large showy blooms, two tropical flowers that come to mind, are the Canna or the Bird of Paradise. Both of these plants have vibrant blooms of warm colors, and sometimes have red green leaves that can provide color to your garden year-round. These types of flowers do take a little work to winterize. As long as your home is frost-free, as the blooms start to wither in the fall, cut down the foliage and stems to allow these plants to lay dormant through the winter, and ready themselves to bloom again once spring arrives!

Even though Northern California conjures views of large evergreen trees, rolling forested hills, and rough coastal landscapes, with a little knowledge, and a little work, you can create practically any environment you desire within the confines of your own property. The tropical feel of many of these warm weather plants, conjure up feelings of relaxation, vibrant life, and year-round abundance. If you dream of living in a tropical Paradise, you really can make that dream a reality steps outside your own door.



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