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Setting Retirement Priorities

Whenever you set about planning for a move to a new home, particularly if you are an experienced homeowner, you probably wouldn't need to create a new priority list of amenities.

By the time you have reached retirement or preparing for it —you are well advised to give added weight to factors that weren’t key considerations in previous house hunts. There are four main factors to give thoughtful consideration:

Maintenance—Realistically, even the most enthusiastic do-it-yourself putterers will eventually encounter physical limitations. or just a lack of interest in the constant maintenance of decks, yards, etc.

Mobility—If Healdsburg homes featuring ground floor master bedroom suites are increasingly in demand, this is one good reason.

Convenience—Your best retirement property is likely to be one with amenities within easy walking distance. Close proximity to golf or tennis facilities, shopping, and dining will make keeping active a low-stress daily option.

Pets—Not often given a high enough priority, the emotional and physical benefits of life with the right choice of 4-footed or 2-winged friends is a factor worth considering. The best retirement property could well be one that easily accommodates them.

A youthful outlook is worth adopting throughout life—but realistic accommodation to aging is actually a shrewd way to maintain exactly that. If retirement will factor into the choice for your next Healdsburg home, give me a call. Working together, I will help you find your best retirement property!



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