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Coco Chanel was quoted stating, “Luxury must be comfortable, otherwise it is not luxury.” Those things in life that make us take a deep breath and come to a place of ease and comfort, differs as much as the person to whom is seeking calm. This makes the definition of “luxury” hard to pin down, but since you are the one who defines it for yourself, it makes it that much easier to create.

2347 Sweetwater Springs Road, Healdsburg, Ca 95448

2347 Sweetwater Springs Road, Healdsburg, Ca 95448

Luxury in your Surroundings

Sometimes luxury can be found in the surrounding property of a home. The landscape and acreage that make up your home, in certain circumstances, is the glue that holds your microcosm together. The acreage or yard can be filled with those things that make your heart dance. For some, extravagance is found in the vast expanses of property, overlooking the rolling Northern California countryside. The windows lead you to gaze out at the great expanse, basking in the glow of your own domain. For others, quaint gardens full of your favorite blooms or vegetables to feed your friends and family is your idea of true splendor. The small spaces that help you maximize your enjoyment of all our beautiful area has to offer. To some, having small spaces to sit and share the view with those closest to them is pure luxury.

10990 Eastside Road Healdsburg, Ca 95448

10990 Eastside Road Healdsburg, Ca 95448

Luxury of the Home

When some buyers or homeowners are seeking or creating for their own luxurious lifestyles, it is all about the home. From gourmet kitchens, perfect for entertaining, to spa-like master bathrooms intent on washing away all your woes, these homes can be perfectly designed to suit what makes your life opulent. Arranging your surroundings inside the home, with appropriately chosen furnishings, can help you create the aesthetic feel that will most speak to your personal style. When you surround yourself with the things you love, in a way that makes your soul sing, the richness of your life can shine through.

10177 Westside Road Healdsburg, Ca 95448

Luxury in the Details

Some buyer and homeowners are looking for that “extra something” to give their home that luxurious experience. Maybe for you, it is a separate adobe pool house with full kitchen and sauna. Or perhaps, you define your bliss by being able to host friends and family for extended periods of time, while giving them privacy in their own separate guest home or hilltop yurt.

Luxury can also be created through those artistic touches and personalization that make a home unique. The “extras” can be as different and the individual seeking them out, from a warm reading nook overlooking the breathtaking California views, to stone-crafted fire pits to help create warmth and togetherness during gatherings of friends and family.

The definition of luxury, especially in a diverse and unique area such as Northern California, can mean so many different things, depending on who you ask. This makes seeking out true luxury a bit of a mystery. For buyers, reading home descriptions and searching for their perfect luxury property, can be overwhelming since “luxury” is desirable but also aloof. Just remember, the details of luxury can cover many different lifestyle preferences and creating your bliss is only as limited as your own imagination.



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