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Healdsburg, California is a place full of eclectic luxury, with little microcosms of culture fit to suit your own personal lifestyle. The real estate market is no exception. Luxury means many different things to different people, and can be found in all facets of one’s life. Through experiences, relationships, and the home, luxury can create an aura of ease and belonging. Healdsburg has a little bit of everything, for everyone.

So, why has Healdsburg, California been my home for over 25 years? Why have I chosen this place, and the lifestyle it affords its residents, the place I chose to make my family’s home, and my community? First, the weather in Healdsburg is full of sun, and when coupled with its mild weather, is the definition of climate splendor. The indoor-outdoor lifestyle is in full force in Healdsburg and the homes mirror this love for the lushness of the outdoors. With towering trees and rolling hills filled with grapes, who wouldn’t find this a desirable locale to call home? Luxury is also found in the warmth and welcoming Healdsburg community. Local events showcase the area's finest arts, eats, libations, and the opulence of the California lifestyle emanates into every facet of this special place.

The richness of Healdsburg, goes beyond the walls of your warm home, beyond the doors of the five-star restaurants, past the orchards, and vineyards, and through the works of local artisans, charming community and extravagant natural environment to reach your core, and touch your heart. Once you call Healdsburg home, the luxury of life will be fully realized.

The environment in northern California is one of the first things that spoke to me as I was finding my forever home. This connection to the outdoors and community is what originally brought me to find my home in Healdsburg. “The roads to Healdsburg and Sonoma County was destined to be and it is here that my life blossomed.” I fell in love, raised a family, and built a career here in Northern California, because I recognized the richness of life it offered me and for those I care about most. I saw what Healdsburg had to offer my life, and I embraced it.

There are many reasons real estate has become my …(passion, career, life’s work) and one of those reasons is to be apart of the Healdsburg conversation about real estate. Being a strong voice in this dialogue is also why I created my website. I want to showcase and bring the luxuries of Healdsburg real estate and quality of life to you.

The ever-changing world of real estate requires a continued vigilance in adapting to the day-to-day changes shaping the industry. I’m committed to providing the highest level of excellence in all aspects of representing both buyers and sellers with their most important financial decisions. I invite you to take a look at my new website, created to be apart of the Healdsburg real estate and lifestyle conversation. The information and content you will find on my site will help you fully appreciate the services, experience and knowledge I bring as a real estate professional. I designed my new website to not only provide an appealing venue to showcase the properties I am currently representing but to start a dialogue with you about living and working in the Healdsburg and Sonoma County area. Even for those that are fortunate enough to call Healdsburg home already, I invite all to join me in exploring our incredible home from not only a real estate perspective but also from a lifestyle perspective. I would love to talk with you about Healdsburg, luxury real estate, and the richness of life in this California paradise.



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