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Sonoma County is located about 40 miles north of San Francisco in Northern California and consists of approximately 1,768 square miles of natural beauty. Sonoma is the northwestern most county of the nine counties that make up the San Francisco Bay Area. Sonoma County is best known for it's rich and vibrant winery scene. Sonoma County is adjacent to Napa County and is the wine country’s largest producer of wine. The history of Sonoma County’s productive agriculture dates back to the 1880’s and Sonoma County is still a leading producer of a variety of agricultural products including grapes and apples.

Sonoma County’s combination of mild temperatures, beautiful landscape’s, rolling hills, abundant green space’s and it’s vibrant artisanal agricultural scene all help to attract millions of tourists each year. Small, quaint towns full of restaurants, art studio’s and shopping opportunities along with breathtaking redwood forests, rivers and ocean vista’s make Sonoma County an easy place to visit or call home.

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